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I have had plantar fasciitis problems for years due to extremely high arches. I am 6 ft 3 inches tall and weigh 360 lbs. When your feet hurt there is nothing you will not try to fix them.

For years I have not happy with the locally made custom orthotics I have been getting from a local supply house my podiatrist recommended. They make artificial limbs and things. Their process starts with plaster foot cast while sitting down and then the orthotics were made of layered cork and different foams from that foot cast. They were thick and elevated me a inch or so. It felt like standing on the edge of a curb.

Like I said above "When your feet hurt there is nothing you will not try to fix them." So I called Dr. Goldstein at Doctors Orthotics and discussed his fitting and manufacturing processes. I decided to purchasing two identical pairs of custom carbon fiber foot orthotics 18 months ago.

Doctors orthhotic uses box with memory foam to make a foot mold. I stepped into the box foam at the end of the day. That way my tired feet made a perfect mold.

I received the first pair around 3 to 4 weeks later. Why make two pair right away if they don't fit. Doctor Goldstein called me a week or two later and asked how they fit. I told him they fit correctly and they were the most comfortable I have ever owned. He said I would receive the other pair in a week or two.

From the first day I received them they have been the best orthotics I ever worn. They fit correctly from day one. No foot sores or anything. They cupped my feet and I didn't even know I was wearing them. The carbon fiber gives them their strength.

I wear them every day. I walk allot and ride my bike (2300 miles in last year). I noticed the orthotic cover in one has a wear spot. Today I called Dr Goldstein and arranged to send one pair back for a new covers. I had to do this with my old cork and foam orthotics once a year.

I am telling you my expirience with Doctors Orthotics has been top notch. I can't say enough about his service and the quality of the orthotics, If and when mine ever wear out I will buy my next pairs from Doctors Orthotics.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Doctors Orthotics Pros: There customer service and quality of products.

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My orthotics needed to be recovered. Call Ron and he told where to send for repair.

I sent them in whith in a few hours of getting the information. USPS Tracking showed he received them a few days latter. He charged my credit card faster than I could hang up the telephone. He said I would get them back in 10 days.

After 2 to 3 weeks I called him to ask where they my orthotics were. He said they received them, but that the USPS machines had mangled them. That he would make me a new pair and I would get them in 10 days. 2two weeks latter nothing!

I called Ron again and he yold me his computer system had been hacked. That he would make a new pair and I would them in 10 days. You know the answer. I GOT NOTHING.

Once again I called him 17 days latter and he tried the hacking story. I told he had usef that one two weeks ago. Tge machine ate them 4 to 5 weeks ago. He promised he would get me news ones.

Ithink he charges and delays to get past the 60 day charge back contesting period. So I am out a $300 dollar pair of foot or orthotics and the $100 dollar recondition fee. Yes I got the use of them for 1-1/4 years. All they needed was a simple recovering.

I should have bought the cover material online and recovered them myself. I will not be doing business with him again.

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