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I took a chance on this company hoping to solve my foot pain problems. I felt like Doctors Orthotics were priced a bit lower then other online companies.

So I gave them a shot and ordered 3 pairs (casual, running and dress). The whole "send a foot imprint kind in 48 hours" is a lie. It took me 4 weeks and 4 phone calls to even get the imprint kit to me. They kept blaming the postal service for them not showing up which is just ridiculous considering not only did I provide my address at the time of ordering, but I also gave it to them on the phone 4 separate times.

I figured it would take a couple weeks to make them after I sent them my kit back. Four and a half weeks later I hadn't heard anything. Calling them is worthless. You are pushed straight to a voice mail.

If you do get a call back "Ron from Doctors Orthotics" acts like you are inconveniencing him by making him call you back. The phone number from them is also blocked so you can't call them back. It took several voice mails and a threat to contact my credit card company about a charge back before I heard anything. I finally get a call saying they were hit with a Virus and that is why everything is delayed, even though I had zero communication from them.

So 10 weeks after ordering some insoles arrive and they are too small for my feet even though I confirmed my foot size at the time of order and verbally over the phone. So then I have to send them back to get them altered. Another 4 weeks go by and I start calling daily to get a response. I finally get a voice mail saying they shipped and should be to me in a day or two.

Well 10 days later they finally show up. Overall the insoles seem of marginal quality compared to another pair I purchased while this whole fiasco was taking place.

Long story short is to try someone else. Customer service is crap, takes forever to get the insoles, and when they show up they are going to be the wrong size.

Start to finish it took me 4 months to get insoles from them. Seriously do not do business with this company, It's not worth your time or money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doctors Orthotics Inserts.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Same experience - they took my money, sent me poor fitting orthotics and then told me to return them to be adjusted. Now, they have my money, and my orthotics and are ghosting me.

No reply to emails, voicemails, their live-chat feature on the website is never available. Not sure what to do now.

Chase won't help me and my insurer doesn't cover orthotics. I guess I'm out $300.


I could probably push the duplicate button on this one. Its funny, as I could have written the exact thing myself. Except, I now I still cannot get in touch with them.

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